Cartesian Palletizer PK-4 old

The automatic palletizer is a device designed for completely unmanned stacking of bags on Euro or industrial pallets. It is intended for palletizing bags containing various types of vegetables. The machine, when properly configured, also handles other types of packaged materials such as pellets, feed, coal, etc.

The heart of the device is a bag gripper that allows for fast and precise placement of the product in the appropriate position on the pallet. The use of a forming chamber in the machine ensures the desired and consistent shape of the entire stacked pallet. Multiple parameters can be adjusted through the touch panel on the operator’s interface.

The fully efficient and well-functioning palletizer also collaborates with accompanying devices such as pallet magazines, pallet conveyors, pallet wrappers, bag formers, and interlayer feeders. Integrating all these devices into a single unit creates a fully automated palletizing system, resulting in a neatly arranged product on the pallet. Additionally, the palletizer is equipped with safeguards against product displacement, including the use of interlayers, stretch film, and protective netting.


  • High stability of stacked pallets thanks to the forming chamber arrangement
  • Wide range of applications due to the bag centering system in the stacking head
  • Easy operation of the device without the need for service intervention when defining and modifying pallet layouts
  • Integrated Safety functionality to ensure operator safety

Bag range

up to 30 kg


up to 26 bags per minute for 4 kg and 5 kg bags

Stacking Height

up to 2000 mm with pallet

Bag Types

Raschel, paper, jute, film, woven polypropylene

Maximum Bag Dimensions

400x700x250 mm

Supported Pallet Types

Euro (1200x800mm), industrial (1200x1000mm)

Pallet Magazine Capacity

13 pallets

Environmental Conditions

0 - 40 degrees Celsius

Pneumatic Connection

minimum 6 bar, 210 NL/min

Electrical Connection

3x400V (N) PE 50Hz (including pallet magazine and conveyor for empty pallets, as well as buffer conveyor for filled pallets): 13 kW

Weight and Packaging Type

Bags per minute*:

4 kg, raschel bag


5 kg, raschel bag


10 kg, raschel bag


15 kg, raschel bag


*Average performance calculated from the palletizer's working hour. The time includes pallet changeover time.

**For double bag stacking in a single cycle with a bag buffering system before the palletizer.

To achieve maximum performance, it is necessary to ensure a continuous supply of products at the device input. These values may vary depending on the type of product packaging, packaging type and size, and the bag arrangement on the pallet. Performance based on device testing in a vegetable processing plant. Tests conducted on onions.