Cartesian palletisers

Product description PK series palletisers are used to place bags of vegetables and loose materials on pallets. Vegetable stackers are equipped as standard with a forming chamber system, which allows the entire pallet to maintain a preset and systematic shape.

The PK-4 and PK-6 models are fully automatic palletising systems. The palletising process begins with feeding an empty pallet from the pallet storage into the palletiser. The palletiser then places the bags on the pallet, and when stacking is complete, the pallet with the goods is transported to the wrapping machine. The wrapping machine operates in an automatic cycle, starting and finishing wrapping without operator intervention. Once the pallet has been wrapped with net or film, the pallet is transported to the buffer area, from where it can be retrieved by the operator. The fully automatic solution reduces the number of people required to prepare the finished pallets with product.

The PK-2 model is a device in which feeding an empty pallet and collecting the filled pallet is done manually.