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+48 668-456-482

In addition to the competitive price of the devices, the DOMASZ company offers professional advice, free training during the first start-up of the machines as well as warranty and post-warranty service


ul. Centralna 16
63-012 Dominowo

NIP 786-166-01-38

REGON 300760799

IBAN: PL76 1050 1520 1000 0090 8202 4390


Opening hours

Monday – Friday:
8:00 – 15:00

Sale of machines

Sale of machines Poland 

Michał Szcześniak
+48 512-260-613

Przemysław Mroczkowski
+48 510 451 758

Sebastian Cegłowski
+48 516-341-273

Sale of Export machines

West export
Piotr Staśkiewicz

+48 512-061-366 

East export
Wiktor Kinalewski
+48 797-967-129


We provide technical support to all owners of machines of our production during the warranty period as well as post-warranty period. Each machine is covered by a 12-month warranty period.

We have extensive facilities for service, this is the help of a technician, constructors and automation, who will at any time provide support in the field of adjustment, calibration of scales and machines as well as minor repairs.

In the case of more demanding faults, where a direct visit of the service is necessary, we offer on-site access and repair of the equipment
at the customer.

The date of the visit is set individually at the service telephone number
or with sales support.


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