Onion sorting
KD, OM-3, 2 x SO 900/2500

Description of the solution
A key part of preparing onions for sale is dividing them into the appropriate fractions. Before dividing into fractions, the onions need to have the chives cut off.

Onions collected from the storage area are passed onto the batching buffer, which is integrated with the tipping unit for box pallets KD (1). The purpose of the buffer is to ensure constant and uniform dosing of the goods onto the production line. The buffer feeds the onions onto the OM-3 chive cutter (3) via an intermediate conveyor (2). The waste material from the chive cutter is transported to the box pallet (4). The cut onions are then fed onto the first circulating sorter with a 36x36mm sorting belt (5). A fraction up to 36mm in diameter is passed to a box pallet (6), while a fraction above 36mm is passed to the next circulating sorter (7) in which, using a sorting belt with the size of 50×50, the goods are divided into a fraction 35-50mm (8) and above 50mm (9).