High-performance vegetable line

High efficiency vegetable line
R09L, RA-1, PK-4

Description of the solution
Fully automatic solutions for weighing, packing and palletizing 15kg bags of golden onions. The raw material is fed onto the multihead weigher (1) via a loading conveyor (2). The weigher, after weighing the vegetables with a weight set by the user, feeds the portion into the packaging machine (3). The bags are then rotated (4) and fed to the rotary head (5) of the palletiser. The head arranges the bags according to the layout from the recipe that has been selected on the touchscreen operator panel (6). Once all the layers are in place, the pallet leaves the forming chamber of the palletiser and is wrapped with a net (7). The finished pallets are removed from the buffer (8) by forklift.