Dosing Buffer For Even Flow Combination Weigher

Even Flow dosing buffer is used for even feeding of the product to the production line. Typically, the unitary feeding hopper is installed in front of the vegetable sorting machines or in front of the filling equipment. Even Flow has a durable and robust belt for heavy loads and has a product height sensor. The machine also has a belt speed control with a soft start function. The raw material goes to the high sided belt conveyor which normally works as a conveyor, after the ultrasonic sensors of the product signal excess product on the belt, the back of the conveyor drops to form a buffer. Thanks to this, the amount of raw materials supplied is regulated, ensuring the same amount of product entering the machines standing on the technological line behind it – it allows to ensure a constant, even flow of goods, which ensures maximum productivity. The device works in automatic mode – controlled by a system of ultrasonic sensors.

Dodatkowe opcje:

  • Rising frame - black steel
Bufor dozujący do wag kombinacyjnych Even Flow


1908 mm


1660 mm


3161 mm


800 kg


4,5 kW

Electric supply

400 V