Roller Selection Table SSR 250×80

The SSR-250×80 roller selection table is a reliable device that allows for accurate, manual selection of various types of vegetables. Moving and rotating products can be easily verified and manually dropped into another transport compartment, from which they can end up in e.g. a waste bin or other conveyor belt. The SSR-250×80 is equipped with an inverter that allows for a smooth change of the speed of moving vegetables. The comfort of work is also enhanced by additional lighting that allows for even more accurate selection. Replacing traditional PVC rollers with more durable aluminum ones gives the user the certainty that even after many years of continuous operation, they will not be damaged or deformed. The SSR-250×80 can work as a stand-alone device, but it often complements the entire technological line, which may also include other machines manufactured by the DOMASZ company.

Najważniejsze cechy Stół selekcyjny rolkowy SSR 250x80

  • Deformation proof aluminum rollers
  • Smooth speed regulation
  • Lamp illuminates the working area
  • Adjustable working height
  • Transport wheels with brake

Dodatkowe opcje:

  • Construction made of acid-resistant steel
Stół selekcyjny rolkowy SSR 250x80


2660 mm


1240 mm


1930 mm



0,75 kW

Electric supply

400 V