Vegetable washer MDW-300

The MDW-300 vegetable washer is a modern and very efficient machine for washing vegetables, incl. potatoes. The design of the device allows you to change the angle of the machine thanks to the use of adjustable front and rear legs. In addition, the hopper has been designed in a way that allows you to configure its height so that it is adapted to the possessed device feeding the goods. The washer is equipped with a frequency converter, thanks to which the rotational speed of the washing drum is smoothly regulated, and the wheels are equipped with grease nipples. There are 3 drain valves at the bottom of the bath, allowing for efficient emptying of the residual soil and water mixture.

Najważniejsze cechy Myjka bębnowa MDW-300

  • Wheels equipped with sorters
  • Smooth regulation of the rotational speed of the drum
  • Adjusting the position of the bathtub
  • Partly galvanized structure
  • Set of covers

Dodatkowe opcje:

  • Drum protection covers
  • Final sprinkling
  • Water grate
Myjka bębnowa MDW-300


4780 mm


1350 mm


2240 mm


1500 kg


3 kW

Electric supply

400 V