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Automatic rollstock bagger RA-1 PLUS

Automatic rollstock bagger RA-1 PLUS is a very efficient machine and an ideal solution for fully automated packing of vegetables into raschel bags. The end product is a neatly packed raschel bag full of vegetables with a label across the entire width. Automatic rollstock bagger RA-1 PLUS is designed for use with an electronic weighing and packing machine WE-30 PLUS or multi-channel weighing machine WK-10. The combination of a rollstock bagger RA-1 and weighing machines manufactured by DOMASZ gives an excellent and fully automatic weighing and packing line. The device is designed to pack vegetables into bags with a weight of 2.5 to 25kg. The machine can be used for packing vegetables such as potatoes, onions, beets, carrots, etc.

The automatic rollstock bagger takes bags from a reel, cuts them, and after filling the bag up, sews the bag and places a label over where the bag was closed. The rollstock bagger is equipped with a Fischbein "F100" sewing head (two-thread head). With the use of a very efficient sewing head, the packing machine RA-1 PLUS is a great product for continuous work. We also have the same device made of stainless steel.


The most important features of the automatic rollstock bagger RA-1 PLUS include:

  • packing various types of vegetables
  • fully automated operation
  • packing into 2.5-25 kg bags
  • capacity for packing 10kg bags is 4t/h
  • labelling
  • vibration of the upper hopper (optional)
  • vibration of the base of the bag (optional)


Power supply:
Electricity 3*400V 3.5 KW (32A 5P plastic plug)
Compressed air 5bar (DIN 17 male plug)