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Electronic weighing and packing machine WE-30 IV

Electronic weighing and packing machine WE-30 PLUS is a modern and very efficient machine for weighing vegetables such as potatoes, onions, beets, carrots, etc. . It can also be used to packing such products as potatoes, onions, etc. The construction of the machine is designed to work with rollstock bagger RA-1, which is also manufactured by DOMASZ.

The automated WE-30 IV machine can put the supplied products into bags or containers. The high capacity and accuracy of weighing is guaranteed by, among others, a five-speed extended main belt. Brushes, which hold vegetables during the weighing process, have a great influence on the speed and accuracy of weighing as well. These brushes are controlled pneumatically.

A self-calibrating container for vegetables is another very important feature of the weighing and packing machine WE-30 IV. This solution ensures that each portion of product is properly weighed and the container, which is often dirty with soil, will not affect the accuracy of the set weight.

Weighing and packing machine WE-30 IV has a speed adjustment function for pouring, which is often useful when packing large vegetables into a small bag.

The WE-30 IV machine also has, as a standard, reducers used for filling bags of different sizes.

For more demanding users, we offer the machine made of stainless steel.


Key features of WE-30 IV include:

  • weighing goods in a self-calibrating container
  • a weighing range of 1-30 kg
  • automatic or manual pouring
  • smooth speed adjustment for pouring
  • five-speed main belt
  • reducers for putting vegetables into 5-30 kg bags
  • capacity for putting carrots into 15 kg bags - max 4 tons/h
  • soundproof container for vegetables
  • approved scales
  • suitable to work with rollstock bagger RA-1


Power supply:
Electricity 3*400V 1.7 KW (32A 5P plastic plug)
Compressed air 5bar (DIN 17 male plug)