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Sewing head Fischbein F 100

The Fischbein F 100 sewing head is a reliable and very durable sewing solution. It is ideal for sewing paper, raschel, polypropylene and plastic bags (min. thickness: 120 microns). The machine uses two threads for sewing. Due to the very solid construction, combined with a number of solutions that affect the long lifetime of the device such as forced lubrication, the machine is often used for industrial continuous sewing (e.g. three-shift work).

The sewing head is sold as a separate unit, but it is generally used as part of the machines manufactured by DOMASZ, for example, Rollstock bagger RA-1 PLUS.

Fischbein LLC is a company from the U.S., which for many years has been taking the position of the most respected and recognized brands in the field of sewing systems.