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Belt conveyor PT-6

The belt conveyors manufactured by DOMASZ are reliable devices used for transporting different types of products.

The possibility of using various types of belt conveyors makes it possible to choose the best conveyor in accordance with the specific needs of the user.

In order to make a right choice of a conveyor you should consider a number of factors, including the type and quantity of the transported material, working temperature, angle of inclination, type of control, etc.

The belt conveyors shown in the pictures are just an example of a specific configuration.

In the case of placing an individual order you should always define all the details that affect the final design of the conveyor.


Key features of belt conveyors:

  • stable construction
  • European production belts (not Chinese ones)
  • device elements sealed with a tape (not glued)
  • speed control - inverter (optional)
  • adaptation of essential elements to specific customer requirements


Power supply:
Electricity 3 * 400V (32A 5P plastic plug.)
Energy consumption depending on the type of device
Compressed air is not required