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Electronic weighing and packing machine WE-50 PLUS

Electronic weighing and packing machine WE-50 PLUS is a state-of-the-art machine for weighing vegetables such as potatoes, onions, beets, carrots, etc. Thanks to many innovative technical solutions, it is a reliable machine for quickly and accurately weighing a required batch of goods and putting them, automatically or by pressing a foot switch, into a bag or container.

Five speeds of the main belt and a weighing belt make it possible to precisely weigh a certain amount of vegetables. The machine is equipped with clamps which hold vegetables for the final, precise weighing. A self-calibrating container for vegetables is another very important feature of the electronic weighing and packing machine WE-50 PLUS. This solution ensures that each portion of the product is properly weighed and the container, dirty with soil, will not affect the accuracy of the set weight. An important advantage of weighing and packing machine WE-50 PLUS is the fact that it has a removable hopper divider, which makes it possible to weigh smaller sized products.

A commonly found defect of weighing and packing machines from other manufacturers is vegetables "jamming" during the packing process. Our machine utilizes an innovative system that controls the speed of pouring, which makes it possible to adjust the speed of packing vegetables depending on their type, size, and the size of the bag.

The WE-50 PLUS machine also has, as a standard, reducers used for filling up bags of different sizes. Connection of a clipping machine to the EC-50 PLUS machine is not a problem because the weighing and packing machine is equipped with a divider of the weighing container (max 5kg) and appropriate discharge system.

Electronic weighing and packing machine WE-50 PLUS is a versatile and efficient machine which does not require an air compressor, therefore is more mobile and easier for everyday use. For more demanding users, we offer a machine made of stainless steel.

Key features of the WE-50 PLUS machine include:

  • weighing goods in a self-calibrating container
  • a weighing range of 1-50 kg
  • automatic or manual pouring
  • speed controller for pouring
  • five-speed main belt
  • weighing belt
  • reducers for putting vegetables into 5-50 kg bags 
  • container divider (a clipping machine can be connected)
  • hopper divider
  • capacity - 15 kg bags - max 4.5 tons/h
  • air compressor is not needed
  • soundproof container for vegetables
  • approved scales


Power supply:
Electricity 3*400V 1.6 KW (32A 5P plastic plug)
Compressed air – not needed