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Electronic weighing and packing machine WE-50 V

Electronic weighing and packing machine WE-50 V is a state-of-the-art and reliable machine for weighing loose materials. This machine is an extended version of the weighing and packing machine WE-50 II. With the use of a wide feeding belt it can weigh not only small products (salt, sand, ekogroszek, etc.) but also materials of larger unit size such as small coal, charcoal, etc.

The use of four-speed feeding belt integrated with the electronic weighing system makes it possible to precisely and quickly weigh the required amount of material.
The accuracy of weighing is also guaranteed by the use of the pneumatically controlled clamp at the end of the weighing belt, which aims to hold products for the final, precise weighing.

A pneumatically controlled clamp, which holds bags, has a positive influence on the speed of weighing as well as on the ease of use of the machine.

The weighing and packing machine WE-50 V, in combination with Hopper KPS-1 and bag collection machine PT-1, gives a modern and reliable weighing and packing line for different types of loose materials. We also offer the same machine made of stainless steel.


Key features of the WE-50 V machine include:

  • weighing different types of loose materials
  • maximum portion – 50 kg
  • high capacity (ex. packing ekogroszek into 25 kg bags - max 6 tons/h)
  • four-speed weighing belt
  • pneumatically controlled clamp for holding bags
  • approved scales
  • self-calibrating weighing container


Power supply:
Electricity 3*400V 1.7 KW (32A 5P plastic plug)
Compressed air 5bar (DIN 17 male plug)



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